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  Ornaments from Aegina 782-822 782. Gold earring, in the form of a conventional bull’s head. It is composed of two plaques, stamped with palmette and spiral designs, and soldered together. The ears (.”) are in the form of wire spirals (one now missing). Above each horn is a hole, through which passes a wire …

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Gold Mouthpiece 183-196, 347..   183. Gold mouthpiece, stamped in the middle with a pair of vertical bow-spirals Plate III. placed in opposite directions. Between each group of two spirals is placed a single smaller spiral. On either side is a group of three spirals in a horizontal direction. Pierced at either end. Tomb 72. …

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Small Gold Medallion with Pendants

Small Gold Medallion with Pendants This medallion (0.04 m. in diameter) likewise consists of a solidus of Justinian I, set in a gold frame similar to those of nos. 5 and 6. The weight is 27.2 grammes. The type of the coin seems identical with that of no. 5 (Fig. 33), but the reverse legend …

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